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Retro/Retro Gaming

Below are some people that I follow on one platform or another and highly recommend

Utterly bonkers.
James O'Grady also known as WhatHoSnorkers on Twitch. Another excellent entertainer of all things retro and sometimes quite bonkers. His YouTube channel features some amazing homemade shows.
He is another great developer who has developed a number of ZX Spectrum games.
Jim Blimey Retro gamer and developer.
A massive collection of retro related items, that includes development, streaming and playing games.
Jim, is another clever guy who delivers some very entertaining content on his YouTube channel.

Crap Content warning!
Daph Blake, has a completely different take on what should be on YouTube.
Very cleverly put together content and very different to what is out there!
Very funny!

ZX Basic - The compiler!


Remember the ZX Spectrum Basic?


Did you make a game or something else in ZX Basic?
Then this will be of interest to you.

The ZX Basic Boriel Compiler.

What is it?
It can compile your existing ZX Basic programs into machine code, which means they will run faster and smoother than before. But that is not all, it also allows you code without line numbers and has enhanced it with some new

features that were taken from FreeBasic.


The ZX Basic Boriel Compiler.



And what about a book specifically for ZX Boriel Basic?

Look no further, below is a link to the book that can guide you through the new features of ZX Boriel Basic and beyond.