The Hobbit - ZX Spectrum 48K

The Hobbit game as I recall came with a copy of the book by J. R. R. Tolkien, probably one of the few books I ever read but that's another story. I do remember being so excited Friday night knowing the next I will be buying the Hobbit game from WH Smiths oddly very few other memories are so clear.

So when I got home I unwrapped the packaging, and took out the cassette and started to load the game. Thankfully I don't recall any Tape Loading Error messages and so the game loaded and the first location was the one on the right, in the comfortable runnel like hall (it didn't look comfortable at the time I thought), though I had a black and white portable TV in my room, so didn't appreciate the colours a bit later on in my life.

I have recently (2021) played the 128K version with enhanced graphics which appear instantly.

Sherlock - ZX Spectrum 48K

Sherlock was released in 1984 by Melbourne House, is an adventure game based on the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

The plot revolves around the classic detective work for which Sherlock Holmes is renowned. The game is set in Victorian London, and players must gather clues, interview suspects, and solve puzzles to unravel the mystery.

What I remember most about this was the start of the game, it was extremely descriptive and set the scene straight away.

The opening scene of Sherlock, the game on the ZX Spectrum

I do also like the transport system in the game, i.e. Hansom Cab or the steam train. Both are needed to make any progress of this game. Below, you can see you "Sherlock" have exited the steam train followed by Dr Watson, and where you are introduced to Chief Constable Straker.

When you go south, so do the characters. You can even say "FOLLOW WATSON" and you then follow him around. I don't recall an actual need to do this to solve the crime but it is fun.